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Radios, Inc. Products
REMOTE CONTROLS Compare our transmitter and receiver remote controls.
TRANSMITTERS Transmitter modules for use with development systems or in an application on their own.
RECEIVERS Receiver modules for use with development systems or in an application on their own.
TRANSCEIVERS Transceiver modules for use with development systems or in an application on their own.
DEVELOPMENT SYSTEMS Our selection of development systems are intended for use in testing Radios, Inc. transmitter, receiver, and transceiver modules.
ZIGBEE MODULES We offer a number of modules for use in Zigbee applications
HANDHELD TRANSMITTERS Our low-cost handheld transmitters are sure to accommodate all of your needs.
LOW-POWER RECEIVERS Over 75% of our receiver modules operate with low power.
ULTRA LOW-POWER We offer receiver modules that operate with power levels even lower than our standard low-power receivers .
RFID Radios, Inc. offers can accommodate your RFID needs in any application.
REFERENCE DESIGNS The reference designs we offer allow a customer with a new or existing wireless application to transition their design from low to medium/high volume production in a more cost effective manner.
RF DESIGN COURSES Training courses are available through Radios, Inc. to assist in your design of RF wireless applications
ANTENNAS Antennas are a key component of any wireless application, as they affect critical elements of an application such as, for example, range and reliability.
CONNECTORS Radios, Inc. offers RF connectors to accommodate any design.
CUSTOM DESIGNS Radios, Inc. works closely with RF Laboratories to design any of your custom RF applications.
MANUFACTURING Radios, Inc. has partnered with Radios OEM to provide contract manufacturing services for your wireless applications.
ENCLOSURES Radios, Inc. works with RadioForm to supply enclosures for your wireless applications.
DATA RADIOS Our data radios are some of the highest performance, low-cost in existence.
TELEMETRY RADIOS Our telemetry radios span a wide variety of wireless architectures, digital recovery schemes, security options and error correction methods to assure a match with your particular application.
ENCODERS/DECODERS Radios, Inc. is pleased to offer its customers an encoder/decoder pair of RF radios.

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