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UHF FM Transceiver Module


The MXR-505S is a frequency shift keyed (FSK) high performance, ultra compact, long range transceiver operating at the 902-928 MHz and 868.25 MHz bands. This integrated modularized transceiver is designed for use in half-duplex, bidirectional RF links. The multi-channeled MXR-505S is intended for use in UHF radio equipment in compliance with both the North American Federal Communications Commission (FCC) part 15.247 and 15.249 systems and the European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETS) specification EN300 200.

The transmitter is composed of both a PLL frequency synthesizer and a power amplifier. The synthesizer uses a voltage-controlled crystal oscillator, a dual-modulus prescaler, programmable frequency dividers, and a phase-detector. The power amplifier’s output power can be programmed to seven different levels. The MXR-505S has zero IF architecture which enables channel filtering with low-power, integrated low-pass filters. Each channel includes a pre-amplifier and a third order Sallen-Key RC low-pass filter that protects the switched-capacitor filter from strong adjacent channel signals. The main channel filter is a switched-capacitor implementation of a six-pole elliptic low pass filter. The cutoff frequency of the Sallen-Key RC filter can be programmed to four different frequencies: 100kHz, 150 kHz, 230 kHz, and 340 kHz. A receive signal strength indicator circuit indicates the received signal level. The MXR-505S is a well-designed transceiver suitable for a variety of RF applications, particularly voice applications and high volume OEM applications. The MXR-505S is for sale with and without an on-board microprocessor so that the user can manually address the module if that is required. Note: The MXR-505S is compatible with HHDS-ML-M but is NOT compatible with HHDS-ML-P.
Key Features

Low cost
Wide supply voltage range
Wide operating temperature range
Easily integrated
Low power consumption
Compact surface-mount packages/Small Size
2.5V operation
Simple serial programming interface
Baud rate from 1200 to 200,000 bps
Spread spectrum
External reset pin
Exceptional sensitivity: -111dBm
Receive signal stength (RSSI) pin
No production tuning
Typical Applications

Remote controls
Garage openers / Gate controls
Keyless entry
Lighting control
Home / Industrial automation
Continuous / Periodic data transfer
Wireless networking
Remote access
Remote monitoring / Telemetry
Medical monitoring / Call systems
Guard patrol / Lone worker protection
Domestic / Commercial security
Fire / Security alarms
Long-range RFID
Automated meter reading

     Data Sheet - Full technical data for the MXR-505S transceiver module (pdf)


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