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UHF AM Receiver Module


The MRX-219S is a 300MHz to 450MHz super-heterodyne, image-reject, RF receiver with Automatic Gain Control, OOK/ASK data and analog RSSI output. The module integrates Auto-Poll, Valid Bit-Check, Squelch and Desense features. It is ideal for low-cost, low-power, RKE, TPMS, and remote actuation applications. The MRX-219S achieves -110dBm sensitivity at a data rate of 1kbps (Manchester encoded). Four demodulator filter bandwidths are selectable in binary steps from 1625Hz to 13kHz at 433MHz, allowing the device to support data rates to 10kbps.

The module operates from a supply voltage of 3.3V to 16.0V, and consumes 4.0mA of supply current at 315MHz and 6.0mA at 433.92MHz. A shutdown mode reduces supply current to 0.5uA. The Auto-Polling feature allows the MRX-219S to sleep and poll for user defined periods, thus further reducing supply current. The Valid Bit-Check feature, when enabled in Auto-Poll mode, fully awakes the receiver and sends bits to the microcontroller once a valid number of bits are detected. During normal operation an optional Squelch feature disables the data output until valid bits are detected. An optional Desense feature reduces gain by 6dB to 42dB, distancing the receiver from distantly placed, undesired transmitters.

Key Features

-110dBm sensitivity at 1kbps with BER 10E-02
Supports data rates up to 10kbps at 433.92 MHz
25dB Image-Reject Mixer
60dB Analog RSSI Output
3.0V to 16.0V Supply Voltage Range
4.0mA supply current at 315MHz (continuous RX)
6.0mA supply current at 434MHz (continuous RX)
0.5uA supply current in Shutdown Mode
Optional Auto-Polling (sleep mode, current < 0.1mA)
Optional Valid Bit-Check in Auto-Poll Mode
Optional Programmable 6dB to 42dB Desense
Optional Data Output Squelch until valid bits detected
2kV HBM ESD Rating

Typical Applications

Remote controls
Garage openers / Gate controls
Keyless entry
Lighting control
Periodic data transfer
Remote access
Guard patrol / Lone worker protection
Domestic / Commercial security
Fire / Security alarms
General wire elimination

     Data Sheet - Full technical data for the MRX-219S receiver module (pdf)


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