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UHF AM Receiver Module


The MRX-011 is an on-off keyed (OOK) high performance receiver for remote wireless applications. The MRX-011 is an enhanced version of the MRX-001. The receiver operates at 315, 390, 418, and 433 MHz and is primarily intended for use in part 15.231 systems. Because all tuning is automatic and the receiver functions are completely integrated, this module is both a highly reliable and low cost solution for high volume wireless applications. An external antenna is the only component required, therefore the MRX-001 can be easily integrated into other applications, which has the benefit of eliminating design and production costs and improving time to market. The MRX-011 is a functional and pin equivalent upgrade to the MRX-001, providing improved range, lower power consumption, and higher data rate support when in FIX mode.

The MRX-011 comes in two versions: FIX and SWP. In FIX mode, the receiver operates like a conventional superheterodyne receiver with an internal local oscillator fixed at a single frequency. The transmit frequency is accurately controlled by a crystal. In SWP mode, the receiver sweeps the internal local oscillator at rates greater than the baseband data rate, which broadens the RF bandwidth and allows the MRX-011 to operate with less expensive transmitters without additional components or tuning. Postdetection data filtering is internal to the receiver, and any one of four bandwidths can be selected by the user. Bandwidths range in binary steps from .625kHz to 5kHz (SWP mode) or 1.25kHz to 10kHz (FIX mode). The MRX-011 is a well-designed receiver suitable for a variety of RF applications, particularly OEM applications.
Key Features

Low cost
Wide supply voltage range
Commonly employed RKE frequencies
Wide operating temperature range
Easily integrated
Typical range over 200 meters with monopole antenna
Low power consumption
Compact surface-mount packages
5V operation
Data rates to 2.5 kbps (SWP), 10kbps (FIX)
Small size
Power down pin
No production tuning
Fast enable time
Typical Applications

Remote controls
Garage openers / Gate controls
Keyless entry
Lighting control
Periodic data transfer
Remote access
Guard patrol / Lone worker protection
Domestic / Commercial security
Fire / Security alarms
General wire elimination

     Data Sheet - Full technical data for the MRX-011 receiver module (pdf)


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