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Wireless Development System


The QwikRadio Development System comprises the hardware, firmware and software resources commonly used by wireless designers in the design and development of radio design. QDS (QwikRadio Development System) offer a comprehensive test suite that allow the developer/designer to vary a number of electrical firmware, software and antenna parameters to facilitate the optimal architecture and topology for the given application being developed.

The QwikRadioT Development System ("QDS") is intended for use solely by engineers for the purpose of evaluating the feasibility of implementing the QwikRadioT series of Micrel's RF IC's in various wireless applications. The user's evaluation must be limited to use of the development system within a environment which provides for adequate isolation of RF emissions which might be caused by operation of the QDS. In field testing, the device must not be operated in a residential area or any area where radio devices might be subject to harmful electrical interference. This Kit has not been certified for use by the FCC in accord with Part 15 ETSI I-ETS 300 220 or I-ETS 300 220-1 regulations or other known standards of operation governing radio emissions.
Key Features

The development system includes two evaluation boards with the following features:

QwikRadioTM chip with on-board configurable
   bandwidth, LO, frequency, data slicing ref. and AGC.
Input impedance matching capability
Self-contained and regulated power supply
Three multi-configurable receive antenna ports
OOK (on-off keyed) on-board transmitter with three
   multi-configurable antenna ports
MCU with rx, wakeup, pushbutton and DIP inputs as
   well as tx, enable, LED, piezo and relay outputs
Sample embedded firmware and software for wireless
RS-232 interface with standard DB-9 connector
Windows-based software for RS-232
Multiple jumper configurations
Breadboard/Prototyping Area
Multi-electrical test point header
Typical Applications

The two development boards along with the supporting firmware and software have a wide range of uses for the evaluation and development of wireless applications using Micrel's QwikRadio series of RF IC's.

System range testing
Bandwidth/throughput limitation
Antenna implementation
Firmware/Software development
     Sales Sheet - Overview of the DS-QDS wireless development system (pdf)
     User's Guide - Full user's guide for the DS-QDS wireless development system (pdf)
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